Are You On The List?

I do believe that to whom much is given much is required but I also know that when one is giving too much and too much is being required that burnout and illness are following closely behind . Too many of us are going, going, going, like the energizer bunny but unlike the energizer bunny we are not recharging our batteries.

Are you prioritizing yourself , your goals and your needs? Are you making certain to get enough sleep, drink enough water, meditate, pray and get exercise? You CANNOT be your best self if you have given yourself away to everything thing and everyone.

Take back your life and reduce your levels of undue stress. Take a minute to breathe, relax and regroup. Make a list of all the things that make you happy and fulfill you. Make a promise to yourself to check off the items on that list and incorporate them into your daily to do list. Everyday should be a day where you do something for you. Giving is great just make sure you are on the list to receive.


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