Body Appreciation

Do you appreciate what your body does for you? Do you thank it for for housing all your vital organs?

 I was listening to a seminar given by a dear friend Ashley Mui, known as the Gratitude Guru on Gratitude last night and she explained a ritual that she does every time she's in the shower. She basically thanks every body part she washes. How wonderful!

It made me think about my level of appreciation for my body and rituals that I can create around appreciation as a wellness warrior. I decided to embark on a new relationship with my temple/body. I want my body to know I appreciate all it does for me, especially after surviving a few car crashes, one near fatal. I thought about how after breaking bones, stretching ligaments, tearing muscles and bruising soft tissues I am blessed to be able to walk, run, stretch, lift and jump.

My body is resilient but I don't tell it so. I don't say I appreciate you body for running 3.5 miles, getting me through a 40 mile bike, for allowing me to walk around my neighborhood and for simply being my body.

My new ritual; appreciating my body and thanking it verbally everyday for hanging with me through the thick and thin, through the break ups (literally) and the healing, for continuing to house my organs, my mind and my spirit and doing a great job all these years.


I would love to hear ways in which you appreciate your body.



  1. Peta-Gaye!

    Because I have lupus, I must pay careful attention to my skin. I often get keloids, and for a very long time I was extremely self-conscious.

    A few years ago, too overwhelmed with more important personal issues I made a vow to embrace them. Now, every morning while brushing my teeth, I rub my largest keloid. It reminds me of how perfectly flawed I am. I complete this ritual without thought. It is the best start to everyday.

    I love this post and I too enjoyed last night's Power-Up!

  2. I appreciate my body for carrying my baby to full-term with so much grace and with little or no effort. It has kept me going even when my brain and spirit did not believe I could continue, adjusted, molded and stretched to make room for my little blessing! thanks for giving me a second to reflect!

  3. Wow now this was a great blog. Its the little things you simply one of them. Especially since I am so easily led to criticizing my body...ooh look at the back fat, look at those thighs, maybe I could use some lypo on my stomach....You are absolutely right! When you really think about it, its the one God created for me...Thanks body I really do love you!