For Some The Holidays are Not So Happy

The holidays are a time for family and friends, laughing, gift giving and merry making, at least on TV. While the holidays can be a wonderful experience for some, for others the thought of the holidays bring up emotions such as dread, grief, fear and sadness.

It can be quite difficult for those individuals to reconcile those feeling amongst the merry makers. Remember not everyone has a family to celebrate with, be considerate or invite them to spend time with you and yours. Others are not in good relations with their families and choose to stay away for peace's sake, or may want to commune with a chosen family with whom they feel safe.

The holidays can be particularly rough for people who have lost jobs, loved ones, or have gone through some other trauma so when you are saying what you are grateful for this year take a second to think of those not as fortunate and count your blessings and send them your love and light.

BE WELL and Happy Holidays!



  1. That is certainly the case Peta-Gaye! There are so many things that people are working through that becomes magnified during the holiday season. We should all work on cleaning up our messes this holiday season! I also think we should be mindful of those that are alone during the holiday season. Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated during the holiday (and everyday!)