Avoid This Common Recipe If You Want to Remain Healthy

Cartoon of a Woman saying "Under Stress Me"Recipe For Stress, Sickness and Burnout

1cup lack of sleep
2cups long hours at work
1cup not asking for help
1tbsp taking care of everyone else
1tsp eating on the run
a sprinkle of perfectionism
1tsp not saying no
a dash of serious multi tasking
1 tsp pretending you got it all under control
1 fake smile (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together making sure they are thoroughly blended and then wait for disaster. Makes for all types of sickness, stress and burnout.

Don't Enjoy!!!


  1. That is classic Peta-Gaye! AMazing play on recipes and so true! I haven definitely tested this recipe a couple of times and it was NOT enjoyable.

  2. I love the recipe. I must say that I've used some of those ingredients, too. And it was a disaster!!!

    Can you make us a recipe of how to experience optimal health? I'd love to know what those ingredients would be? :)