Slow Down and Chew.

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When eating with my partner Gerald I often find myself done way before him; eating quickly because I am trying to multi task, while he eat savors every bite. I end up with indigestion and he is left with a wonderful memory of all the flavors and tastes of the meal.  I know I am supposed to eat slowly but who has the time?

I am finding out the hard way that I better make the time. I am so wrapped up in doing so many things that I eat at my desk, never taking a real lunch break, standing up as I cook meals and sometimes while I am walking to and from the train station. I know better, so I am outing myself for promoting health while I am not making the time to really savor all the healthy food I eat.

A major component of eating healthy food is actually being able to digest that food well. If the food is not being chewed properly, the digestive process is hampered and indigestion can occur as well as the inefficient release of nutrients from that food. So it doesn't matter if the food is locally grown, organic or grass fed, if you are scarfing it and not chewing slowly.

After suffering from indigestion one too many times in the last couple of months I have taken on the challenge of eating slower, in a quiet, no stress environment, so I can savor the life giving food I am eating and not have to contend with gas and bloating.

I encourage you to chew slower and really digest your food for optimal health.

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