Reward Without Sabotaging

Working out is a great way to maintain or improve your overall health. Whether by increasing cardiovascular capacity, bone density, reducing cholesterol levels or keeping ailments at bay; physical activity is a very necessary part of the wellness triad of mind, body and spirit.

The benefits of working out can however be thwarted when the purpose of doing so is to negotiate consuming huge portions of food or not so healthy options. Individuals work out intensely and then 'reward' themselves with a rich chocolate brownie or a bag of salty potato deliciousness, using the fact that they were on the precor for an hour or did some crazy interval on the treadmill as the justifier.

I caution against using this irrational logic. More often than not you end up consuming way more than you thought, superceding the caloric deficit you believe you've made during the workout with foods laden with unhealthy fats and sugars and devoid of any fiber or nutrients.

The more reasonable option would be to treat yourself to moderate portions of occasional indulgences to ensure that you stay on track. By scheduling your indulgences you will be less likely to go over board because you have something to look forward to. Remember your reasons for working out and what your goals are and reward your hard work with non food items, such as a new article of clothing, a manicure, movie tickets or a much needed massage which can help you to feel good without sabotaging your efforts.


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