Are you ADHD or Just Having Trouble With These 5 Things?

I find myself at times not being able to concentrate on any one thing. Being a slight hypochondriac I diagnosed myself with ADHD...lol! while ADHD is a real condition, I neglected to take into consideration these 5 things that according to health.com can lead to individuals having trouble concentrating.

The 5 Reasons people have trouble concentrating:
  1. Technology overload
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Poor job ssatisfaction
  4. Too much stress
  5. Too Little Exercise
After looking closer at my life and assessing my levels of stress I had to admit that I was guilty of 4 of the 5 items outlined in the article and I had to laugh at my hasty diagnosis of ADHD. My focus is to make certain I stop emailing, answering calls and checking Facebook before bed, getting enough sleep so I wake up refreshed, not worrying too much about everything, getting out of the office at lunch time to get fresh air and go for a nice long walk and making certain not to stay at work too late so I can attend my dance classes.

What are you committed to doing so that you are able to be present and more focused in your daily life? What do you have to do less of to ensure that happens?

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