Tips on Picking a Doctor

As a proponent of wellness I absolutely believe being healthy is important and having a relationship with a knowledgable health professional is paramount. I  am displeased unfortunately with the way some allopathic (M.D.'s) doctor's are forced to work with their clients; which I suspect is driven by insurance companies and the biling of services. Many times care is driven by cash flow which means the more patients are seen the more the doctor can potentially make. Taking too much time out to assess a patient from a holistic viewpoint may be too costly. While I get it, it doesn't mean I like it. I read a great little book last year that shared some tips on how to choose your doctor and want to share that information with you my beloved audience.

Tips on how to choose your doctor taken from What Your Doctor Won't (or Can't) Tell You: Doctors, hospitals, drugs & insurance- what you need to know to take charge of your own health care by Evan S. Levine, MD:
  • Call the physician's office- If the staff picks up in a timely fashion it's telling as to if they are attentive and cordial. Ask the staff where the doctor trained in residency, went to school and whether he is board certified. Check medical school ranking. Find out out what hospital he admits to. If you are not happy with the staff's response move on.
  • Meet and talk to the doctor- If you are unhappy with his demeanor or mannerisms, if he is unkempt, or if you are uncomfortable either go see or ask for another doctor. If the office is dirty, walk out before meeting the doctor.
  • Disregard all advertisements- As they may be misleading.
  • Do not call 800 numbers at the local hospital in your search for a doctor.
  • If you end up in a hospital where your physician does not work, do not automatically accept the physician assigned to you. Have the staff call your doctor and see if he can suggest someone.
  • Only accept someone else's advice about their physician if you feel your friend has done his or her homework.
  • When your doctor sends you to a specialist, always ask him for two different recommendations.
  • Never wait in an office for more than an hour.
  • Make sure the physician accepts your insurance.
  • If you have no insurance or only have medicaid, go to a clinic at a University Medical Center.
I hope these tips prove to be helpful. Print them out and keep them in your mind the next time you may have to choose a health care provider.

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