Start…Finish Stronger.

There are going to be times when we are not going to want to do the things that we know we need to do like working out. We put working out on the back burner because we don’t like it, it takes up too much time, or because we don’t see immediate results.
The other day I was feeling tired and did not want to get on my yoga mat but thankfully I had a date with my accountability partner so it made it less easy to back out. In yoga you are supposed to center your mind and practice presence and instead I was thinking I would rather be taking a nap, however I continued to breath and do the asanas and miraculously by the time I completed the second series of sun salutations I was happy that I did not listen to my “feelings”, telling me that I would be better off doing something else. By the end I felt invigorated, relaxed and calm. I know I would not have felt that way had I not done it.
I believe every time we accomplish something even when we don’t want to do it; it creates a powerful memory in our minds. That memory is something we can call upon at other times we don’t what to do something and it will empower us to get it done. If you know you will feel better at the end the start may be difficult but the finish will make you stronger.

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