Where Are Your Priorities???

Where do you fall in your list of priorities? Are you some where on the bottom of the list among the things that you will eventually get to or are you on the top? Many times we put ourselves last because of job, family and social responsibilities. We believe that putting ourselves first is being selfish or that we can catch up on the things we need to do for ourselves at anytime. Anytime then gets pushed further and further away until it ends up being no time. We make no time for ourselves and then wonder why we feel resentful, tired and plan old burnt out. You wouldn’t dream of neglecting your friends or family like that, so why neglect the most important person in your life like that?

It may seem like a foreign concept but you are the most important person in your life. You were created to be the best you, you can be and you have to master that task before you can help others to be that same thing for themselves. I learned a while ago that one can not give from an empty vessel. Stop worrying about everyone and everything else for a minute and put yourself on the top of the list. For some that may not be so easy because you have a spouse, kids, a demanding job, but trust me once you start to put yourself first your spouse and kids will see a difference and your work productivity will increase.

Schedule some you time, write it down in your planner and honor that time and make everyone else honor that time too. Turn off your blackberry, cell phone, home phone and any other gadgetry you own that will detract from you working out, taking a bath, meditating or going for a walk and enjoy being a priority.

Once you start making yourself a priority, others will to. Remember we teach others how to treat us so if we don’t place value in our time and ourselves we can’t expect others to either.

Thought for the day: What time is the best time for me to have ‘me time’ everyday?

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