How Do You Feed Yourself?

My efforts at creating balance and being centered are fueled by good intentions, however my best attempts are thwarted as I become overwhelmed. This week my mind was spinning so fast that I was left dizzy with emotions and a bit drained. My day job as a licensed Social Worker at times weighs heavily on me and causes me to feel in over my head as I empathize with others and wade through a packed schedule. When the weekends approach I hardly get any relief as I have many 'other' things to do.

The good part is that once I get to that point I am forced to re-evaluate in order to calibrate myself and come back to the middle. What most effects my wellness is not what I am eating, but what's eating me. If I don't take the time to meditate and process after a busy day of counseling I come home and eat out of anxiety and a need for comfort rather than out of being genuinely hungry. When I am doing late nights at the office and become too tired to get my workouts in is when my understanding of being 'nourished' becomes more clear. Being nourished is more than eating healthfully but chatting with friends, taking a scenic walk, doing yoga and expending creative energy.

We all know what we need to feel whole, renewed and fulfilled even if we don't follow through with those tasks. I encourage you to feed your passions and explore your whole self ; to create opportunities to be feed from a (w)holistic viewpoint. Wellness is not balanced if you are eating organic fruits and veggies but are experiencing toxic emotions.

Take a minute to evaluate your life and see how you can incorporate better routines to nourish your mind, body and spirit and let me know what you do to (w)holistically nourish yourself ?

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  1. Thank you Peta-Gaye. I definitely have NOT been nourishing my mind, body AND spirit simultaneously. You are right in that we are essentially robbing ourselves when we don't incorporate a w(holistic) approach to nourishing ourselves. What I will do to w(holistically) nourish myself: exercise, eat healthy, and take time to process what I experienced during the day.