Change Your Mind ,Change Your Life

“Change your mind, change your life”, a saying a friend would quote, has become my personal mantra. Our perspective on situations and things plays a big role in the way we both handle and deal with them. Too many times we begin a mission of working out and dieting to look like somebody (usually a celebrity) that does not have our body type, or we start on a fad diet because it worked for so and so; though that individual does not have the same needs and body chemistry that we do. We need to decide to change our minds from the messages that we are feed from the media that in order to be healthy we have to look a certain way.

True wellness doesn’t have only one look. Wellness looks like the elderly woman who does tai chi at the local community center, the middle aged woman who walks with her co-worker during her lunch break, the college student who takes aerobics classes at the fitness center and makes better meal choices at the food court, the man who in conjunction with weight lifting decides to try yoga, the woman who does zumba a few times a week to reduce her stress levels as well as her waistline and the couple who walks around the neighborhood with their children after dinner. To be well you do not have to be a muscle bound man or a size “0” woman. The belief that you do have stymied the best of efforts after working out and eating “right” does not produce those miraculous results.

The concept of biodiversity as seen in nature can be applied to health and wellness. If every flower was a rose that would be pretty boring, so thankfully we have daffodils, carnations, lilies, azaleas, and tulips. Roses don’t worry about being lilies and carnations don’t curse themselves because they aren’t tulips, so lets bloom into the beautiful flower we each were created to be and stop trying to fit into a mold that is not our size. Enjoy your life by changing your mind about what you “should” look like and focus on being your best self.

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