Is the Key to Health all in Our Minds?

As an avid reader and health buff I have read a good number of health and wellness books. Most of them focus on the physical, however wellness is more than that so it was refreshing to see in Donna Gates' book, Recovering Your Health & Rebuilding Your Immunity: The Body Ecology Diet, that she makes the connection to the emotional side of cleansing and healing. She alludes to visualization, affirmations and prayer as techniques to strengthen our immune systems and enhance the cleansing and healing process in our bodies. She states,"If we try to heal our bodies but remain angry, stressed, or guilty in our minds, the healing will take longer & be more difficult. But if we cleanse our minds of negative, impure thoughts & emotions, replacing them with joy, love, trust, the physical cleansing & healing will be easier and more fulfilling.

What are your thoughts on the ideology of detoxing your mind in order to have a healthier body?

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