I like My Hummus Preservative Free Thank You!!!

There is definitely a reason I choose to cook all my own food and rarely eat out. The longer I live a vegan existence the more efficient my body becomes at recognizing insidious invaders like preservatives, additives and pesticides that may unintentionally pass my palate.

I recently discovered a certain brand of hummus (that shall remain nameless) in an effort to extend shelf life (I assume) has added a preservative that my tummy didn't like, and let's just say I paid for the hummus twice. My very attuned body also broke out in hives. 

The take away message here is: eat food that is as natural and close to its original state as possible and don't think because a food is 'healthy' that the company that is packaging it cares as much about what goes into it as you do. Food companies unfortunately are in the money making business and not in the keeping you healthy business. I admonish you all to read labels very carefully even if you have been eating a certain product for years you never now when there might me an ingredient change. If you have the capacity to cook for yourself, definitely take the time to prepare your own meals; your connection to how you nourish yourself is extremely important. Needless to say the next time I eat hummus it will be made by me and preservative and additive free.


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